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Clue: I spoke to her.

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Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Anorexia. And it wasn’t until I underwent CBT for the condition that I learned I was also suffering from chronic Anxiety.

At the time, I was living like the fragile and hollow shell of someone whose fear controlled everything:

  • The threat of eating…

And how to avoid them

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So, you’ve got a great product that’s already proven valuable to others, and you’ve done everything you thought you needed to do to pique your audience’s interest.

But after hours of carefully crafting your landing page, social media, and product descriptions, the only attention you’re getting is from your dog…

Does your business reduce pain or offer positive emotions?

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According to copywriting godfather Bob Bly*, emotions trigger our motivation to act. They drive our buying behaviour. And the key to converting your prospective customers into loyal-brand-lovers begins with knowing which emotions drive them.

Do you know which emotions drive your target markets’ behaviour?

(One of the most widely used…

Emma Beard

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